Tesoro Cutlass II Umax Review

Hello. I just wanted to post how an older mainstream detector compares to a newer entry level.

That would be the Tesoro Cutlass II Umax compared to what I was using: An ACE 150. The cutlass is very similar to the Silver Umax operating at ruffly the same frequency, having mainly the same features and same 8 inch search coil.

Off the bat I noticed the volume on the Tesoro. It was LOUD. There's no way I could actually put the headphones on my ears without a volume control. Much louder than the Garrett. This would be great for driving less efficient headphones or ones with higher Ohms.

The Tesoro, like most of their models that i saw is pretty lacking when it comes to bells and whistles. It doesn't have the same buttons and other digital settings when it comes to functionality. At first I was a bit put off by this. I was a bit unsettled when it came to finding the depth of the target going only by audio cues.

Very quickly I learned though that the Tesoro speaks its own language. For the first hour or two it sounded like gibberish. Then things started to become more clear. It wasn't speaking gibberish, it was telling me what it was seeing.

Unlike the ACE 150 the tone from the cutlass would break up when the target was deeper, or when it wasn't quite sure what it was. This is terribly important. Using this information I was able to pin point more easily and with greater speed.

On the ACE it doesn't give much information audibly. It uses a combination of display and audible tones to give you the information you need to find the target. After getting used to this technique it was quite different when it came to the Tesoro.

The Tesoro says everything audibly. Not having to look at the display or any buttons really gives you the same information, it just gives it more quickly.

The next thing I noticed was what I read to be response time or how quickly the detector can go from seeing a target, to the detector getting confused by trash. The Tesoro excels at this.

I found objects distinctly with the Tesoro that gave the ACE fits. The ACE would often go bonkers when coins were next to junk objects. Iron objects didn't mask the coins as easily with the Tesoro.

Depth wise this particular cutlass "Air tests" with a penny at 7 1/2 inches with sensitivity maxed. I'm told there is a bit of variance in the manufacturing of these. I'm also told that air tests aren't worth squat. But it is what it is. I can tell you that I found a clad dime around 5-6 inches, that was with sensitivity around 8.

I noticed a small difference in actual performance between the ACE and Tesoro when it came to really digging things. The ACE found about the same clad at about the same depth. But it seems the response of the Tesoro wins in trashy areas.

The ace was pretty easy to pin point with, but the Tesoro was even easier. Pinpointing with the ace was just a bit forward from the center. But being able to actually know the center is where the object is helps quite a bit and doesn't need as much guessing. I realize this is the coil, but im comparing stock to stock.

Knowing the center of the coil and with the red marks on each side I could very nearly stick a screw driver in the ground and be within hairs of the target. It's ridiculous how easy it was. That coupled with the audible clues on depth made finding targets pretty darn easy. I think with practice a pin point function might very well slow someone down on these types of machines.

I wasn't sure how an older model like the Cutlass II compared with a newer lower end model but it seems it competes pretty well.

While the ACE 150 is an excellent beginners machine and the LCD helps a new person learn, I think the Tesoro detector fits me well.

I think my next detector will be a tesoro but I wouldn't reccomend one for first timers. I think the LCD on the ACEs and Bounty hunters really accelerate learning.

All that said I would hesitate to say the Tesoro was better than the ACE. For the simple reason that the LCD does come in handy and doesn't have what seems the same learning curve. Overall I'm happy with the Tesoro, but I would not hesitate to reccomend an ACE. Both are GREAT machines but I feel the Tesoro has the edge in trashy areas.