Tesoro Tiger Shark wires

Can someone please help me who has a Tiger Shark? My wires were tore off the pcb after it fell. Can someone please give me the color codes for the wires to the pcb looking at the front of the board with the wires to the right. There are 7 solder tabs...
The coil wire colors are:
red - soldered to the nut of the coil wire grip

blk - headphones
red - headphones

Please help if you can...


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Hey There, THunter:
I may have seen that wiring diagram somewhere, let me check in to it. It was about a year ago so I'll make no promises. I've got an Excal not a TShark so I can't help personally but I'll check it out and get back to you either way.


I hope this helps, but I think my Tiger shark may be a newer model and changes made .
The only wires visable are from the ribbon to the pc board as exposed when face plate is removed for batt change , I did look into the bottom of the box to compair with your description , the wires coming from the coil , headphones are soldered from the back side and not visable . this is the battery connector plate im speaking of. Hope the pic helps.
my ribbon has 16 wires and im listing them from left to right as shown.


brown,red,orange,yellow,green,blue. good luck kib:bthumb:




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Thanks kibitzr, the info I remembered was for an Excal, go figure. I've been looking around on the net without success.


Hi guys, thanks for the replies... kibitzr - the pictures that you posted are from the opposite end of the circuit board... Your board is a different revision also because mine has a connector on the end that you showed soldered. The wires at the bottom of the box are the ones that came off...
Thanks again for your help!
Sorry I wasnt much help, as I said i did look into the box where the circuit board has the connectors for the battery box and all i see is ends of wires sticking thru the board , without pulling the detector completey apart theres no way of telling what wires go where.
My tigershark is new (bought in october 07) and removing components would surelly void my warrentee.
I guess your best bet is to contack Tesoro and see what can be done.I understand from my dealer that they have a very fast turn around and best warrentee in the det business.
Sorry I wasnt much help. Good luck getting your det repaired. kib:bthumb: