Thank You Whites of Oregon

I am in the computer repair business. So I know a little bit about taking care of clients with broken computers.
Today I received back my two Beach Hunter ID's from Whites in Oregon. I was absolutely shocked when I opened up the box.
First of all, a little history on the 2 units I sent in.
1st unit was almost 9 years old. For those of you that know me, I have used the heck out of this unit. The only service done to it in 9 years was I replaced the reset switch and a set of head phones.
2nd unit bought used about 2 years ago for the wife. I had to replace the coil when I got it. Wife has since worn out 2nd coil by dragging it on beaches.
Reason for sending both units in for repair:
I knew coils were bad (cracked) and wanted new upgraded 12 inch coils put on.
Now the shocking part: Upon opening box, I found what looked like 2 brand new detectors with 12 inch coils. I mean these were spotless of any dirt or scratches. (see picture) I won't get in to details about what was replaced but let’s just say everything but headphones and 1 main board. For all practical purposes, I now have two new units for a total cost of 1/3
the price I would have paid for one unit.

Now you know why I own 5 Whites detectors, 2 land and 3 water.
Thanks again Whites (especially service tech J.A.) for the great service.
Ross Soderberg

BTW, Just tried air testing both units. Went to insert my battery packs in the units and discovered 2 brand new (non rechargeable) battery packs (loaded with fresh batteries) installed. Can you believe that? Wow, what service. I am speechless.



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WOW!! They done you real good!! Congrats on the good service for sure! That is just awesome! Thank you for the good words on White's! It sounds like they really understand how to keep a customer, Beale.


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That is great stuff...they did you right and that says a lot...Good deal for sure...Buster.....:bthumb: :bthumb: :bthumb: :bthumb:


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Reading post like this makes me feels really happy for making the decision of choosing Whites, because I know that my BHID 300 will have an excellent support from the company that made it. :bthumb:
I bought a Whites Super 12 coil second hand. It didn't work at all...Whites replaced it with a new one....I just wanted my old one fixed and me pay for the labor and parts, but they sent a new one at no charge.... I'll always be a White's fan!!!!
same for me a post I made earlier today, by looking at those photos it appears that they may have sent you two brand new units instead...

My beachhunter300 (year old) leaked and I had to send it back to White's under warranty. Not even a two week turn around and I have in my hands another brand spanking new detector. I hunt 3 or 4 times a week (always in the water) six to seven hours a day (year round) and I am in some of the saltiest water the Gulf has to offer so I give them a work out.....

Thanks White's your #1