The benefits of cherry picking....


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Lately I've been changing my hunting technique after holidays....I set up for cherry picking, then I hunt more rapidly. I'm mostly looking for change and jewelry on top. I was hunting at a park the day after some sort of "fiesta" and noticed some kids stopped and picked up a pocket spill and there I was going 6" for a clad penny....hmmmmmmmm. So I made the quick adjustment to the cherry pick setting and moved on...everything after that was newer on on top surface stuff. I kept thinking that after people come together the stuff is not going to dig itself in deep by the next day so why let people just walking thru find the surface stuff? I can always go back through later and hunt with my regular settings!

I hunted this morning at a new park and just cherry picked and found 1 junk ring and a pocket spill and one of the dimes was a 64...nothing fancy but shiny silver that stood out next to the other dimes from that spill. And if it's not on top I'll try the Garrett propointer (which will go 1 to 2") and if it doesn't read it I"ll pass until I've cherry picked the whole park. That deeper stuff ain't going nowhere (as long as no one else is digging!).