The Elusive Beep

Hey everyone! Newby here with a question. I am currently using a Bounty Hunter Pioneer EX which I bought at Dick's Sporting Goods. I've been using it for about six months and everything has been fine up until now.

The problem I'm having is, I'll be walking along slowly, sweeping my detector steadily from side to side and suddenly I'll get a hit (beep). I'll take a few steps back and start waving my detector over the spot where I got the hit to zero it in, but I get nothing! It's like whatever the detector had hit on has suddenly vanished. I'll try changing the depth which doesn't work, I'll turn off the detector and then turn it back on, which also doesn't work. I'll even sweep over a ten foot radius from the spot and still find nothing. Then to make matters worse, when I've given up and decide to keep walking, I'll get a hit again and repeat the whole process over again.

The model of detector that I have doesn't have any sensitivity settings or ground-balancing settings, just a discriminator which I usually keep on "Coin". Also, I don't wear steel toed boots and I don't have any metal on me (or in me).

If anyone has any solutions that I can try, I would be most grateful to hear them. I'm sure all of you know how frustrating it is to get a hit and then lose it.


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Trash will give you a beep even in Coin mode. Why? I remember once I got a coin reading from a round piece of foil a little bigger then a Quarter. I also know that occasionally if you have the Sensitivity set high, you will get some trash spikes once in a while (Erroneous beeps).
Maybe one of these!!! Sensitivity on some BH Detectors is set by volume.

I may not have the right answer, but it's a start....

I just looked at the face of the control panel for the EX the Depth select control, probably acts like Sensitivity.
That is a real no "Frills" detector....


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I've gotten phantom beeps also and I started taking note of what had just happened on top of the ground at the moment of the beep because I would do as you did and re-sweep the spot of the signal numerous times at different speeds and settings and get nothing. I came to realize that when the beep occured, the coil had just brushed over a big clump of grass or weeds. So, I chalk it up to dry, hot conditions and static electricity. I may be wrong and probably am, but that's what I think.


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If you wear Work boots that are not Steel toed there is a steel shank in the bottom for support. I highly doubt it though.
I think you are getting an anomalous beep from trash which does happen occasionally...

It has happened to me before. I happen to be swinging along and out of the blue a beep sounds off, quick and erratic, yup, it's trash. Listen for solid signals...


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If I where my Whites boots which are all leather, but the soles are screwed on with brass screws, my detector will go off sometimes when I take a step or turn the coil a bit on the end of my swing. I also get a signal when I bump one of the 10 million pesky pine cones on the ground. Im not sure if this helps, but over time I have figured out whats giving the false signals by paying attention to what else is going on around and under my MD. Good Luck!!
I agree with steve07-small trash like a small ball of foil will cause an inadvertent beep as will a large piece of iron that gets rejected on resweeps. If it has a pinpoint or all metal mode you can sometimes find the culprit.
Sometimes, I'll get a higher reading on the VDI when I swing the coil faster. For example: a piece of iron that I have notched out will read as a 70 or 80 (the penny to dime range). If I slow down, it won't beep at all. I think the speed of the swing can greatly affect your reading. Try speeding up and slowing down your swings when you get one of those phantoms, and see what happens.


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Phantom Beeps

I also get this reaction.
99% of the time
At the end of the sweep.
When your probably raising The Coil
Up at an angle
Just a little more than usual.
Just after the detector discrimated
a piece of foil or alum.
If it doesn't "Repeat" readly
don't bother with it.
Repeatability is the main thing
To Focus On.


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Phantom Beeps

Having owned and used several Bounty Hunter products, I can tell you first hand that the concentric coils will false if given a good bump, or if you go over drastic changes in depth or soil types (like small impressions in the turf, or going from grass to sand)...With no SENS setting, the machine is preset, and may be set slightly high for your need to have a beep in BOTH directions that is REPEATABLE in most cases (coins on edge, or masked by trash would be an exception)...
ALL detectors give us those beeps from time to time that leave you scratching your head...With further experience, you will come to know what to dig, and what to walk away from.
I may also suggest turning your DISCrimination lower...You might be surprised what you will find...