The Eureka Gold

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Eureka Gold-- The Eureka Gold is quite a surprise to me. When I got it assembled I am amazed at how light it is! I thought to myself that this would be a joy to swing out in the desert while nugget hunting. I really like the 3 selectable frequencies offered on this machine. They do make a difference in hearing a nugget or not. I love the tone control so that the user can set the tone to suit his hearing. The AGB also works quite well and can quickly balance itself to the ground conditions that are present in gold country. The boost circuit is a really nice mode that works. There are 2 seperate mounting positions on the S shaped detector shaft which makes it nice. There is a hipmount bag available from Minelab so you can put the control box on your belt.
This machine is very sensitive and will hear the smallest of nuggets but depth of course is dependant on ground conditiona and size and shape of the nuggets. The machine does have a discriminator mode and can be used for coin hunting. I would rather use the Eureka for nugget hunting. The coil is a 10" elliptical and is only water resistant. It has the standard controls for Threshold, Sensitivity, and Volume.
This instrument has a great feel and would be a joy to those that are weight concious. It also comes with the NIMH rechargeable battery and a pack for standard alkaline batteries.
All in all the Eureka Gold makes for a very nice machine for nugget hunting or coins if desired. Be sure to contact JOHN'S DETECTORS for further information or to order your Eureka today!

John Tomlinson,CET
John's Detectors
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