The Gamma talks, I listen


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Was at a local park/swimming pool for the second time in a week. I was running the sensitivity at 65 due to the typical public park trash. I had a faint but consistent quarter signal at 7". Now mind you, the Gamma's sensitivity goes to 99 but as I stated this is a public park and has only been around since 1974 so setting the sensitivity at 65 works good. I dug the plug and right there it was.... a quarter. I am really impressed with the depth of this Gamma. Even running at basically 65% of sensitivity , it hit the quarter at 7". Even better , the first time hunting at this same park , I had a mixed but solid signal that was bouncing from zinc to quarter at about 6" so I proceeded to dig and when I pulled back the plug, the first thing I saw was a pull tab:eek:. I removed the pull tab and swung the Gamma back over the hole and then the quarter signal was clear as a bell and was actually 1" lower in the hole which means it was under the pull tab. I can only guess that the quarter was the stronger signal but was dragged down/weakened from the presense of the pull tab to fluxuate the signal but only as far back as zinc then up to a solid quarter signal, go figure.Now I know the Gamma is not an E-trac but it really taught me a lesson in listening to what your machine is telling you as well as obviously double checking your hole before replacing the plug. Learning your macine is fun and rewarding as well as the smile I was wearing knowing that I can trust that the Gamma does not lie:D Thank you Gamma!


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Your learning your machine pretty fast. I always recheck what I'm digging...Once, I found a quarter in a beer was upside weird!And a nickel in a! HH:cool: