The lane and the mine


TQ's Master Pirate
The lane in Bermuda is usually found in waist to chest deep water, mostly coins and lighter tickets. It's the zone where a lot of the wave activity is strongest and is a sort of a washing machine effect that sorts out the lighter items, it will even sort them by weight and size like a whole row of pennies beside a row of dimes, then nickels and then quarters and dollar coins.
The mine is usually neck deep or a little deeper at low tide, when the surf is rough it can make for strenuous digging as you get bounced around a lot as you try to retrieve the target. Also look for pockets that have been exposed by rip tides but know the signs and be careful, Horse Bay has some nasty ones and Warwick Long Bay is even worse. Do not swim against the current if you get caught and if you feel that sucking pull you should move to shallow water but come back to it later as it will often expose the hard pack sand after stripping away the softer top layer, the gold is on the top of the hard pack but you want to get to it before the waves bury it again. Once the plume is evident in the deeper water I would go back and check to see if the flow has stopped, then scan it.