The last place trophy game !!!!!

Picked up a fellow treasure hunters request on Facebook for a ride to Olean, N.Y. About 20 miles away.
He needed to pick up a rental because his car is in the shop.
Then I took the pickup truck to Smethport P.A. , for a good carwash. Had to get the slush and salt off the car. Can't use the carwash in Port Allegheny because their water is bad. First sunny day in a while.
Then it was the gas station, now it's a nap.


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3o some F. Warming slow but sure. Ordered a New Cooler motor should be here like Thursday. Home Depot wanted 69.00 for this motor. Picked up the same DIAL 1/3 HP motor on line for 29.99 free shipping. Emmm the last motor crapped out the last week we needed it. At this price I'd be happy if it only last 2 or 3 years.. Got 7 out of the last one.


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I don't think we are having winter out here this year. Been fall and spring like all along. Last night was the first freeze we have had this year. The entire country is still having abnormal weather the last couple years I think.
Texted with LK today. All is good with him, Nothing really new or bad just getting along in cattle tank country.