The last place trophy game !!!!!


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Good morning all. Supposed to start RAINING later today and we are getting a few of our outside things started. Man it feels good to be able to do that again.(y)(y)(y):giggle::giggle:


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Good morning.
We had our first 70* day this year yesterday. We are going to have our first 80* day today, tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday and then we drop 20* and get back to our showers. I get to stay inside and watch it from the inside but I will get out for a few minutes each day. I think Mrs. Digs wants to take a little walk outside to see her flowers.
I'm seeing nothing but birds.
My neighbor has free range chickens and they are doing their free range thing on my rear yard at the tree line. Better be careful the fox don't get them.
I removed a stereo speaker on my back porch. The speaker had a nest on top of it.
Little did I know that it was a robin's nest. Well the robins are back trying to build another nest.
I also saw a pair of mourning doves looking to build a nest under my roof overhang on my back lower roof.
Lots of springlike activity so I guess it must be spring. Now if I can just get rid of these dang crows.