The last place trophy game !!!!!

Thank You. Things are what they are, eaaaa? People are in the mind set they can control any and all aspects of they're lives. This is one of those things that proves we are all just here for the ride. Not to sound Rude , Crude or Socially Un Acceptable but my father has had a hell of a ride . 82 years is a lot longer then most people ever reach. I know I'll never make it that far. I'm already older then my mother reached. She got short changed as a kid. Rumantic Feaver damaged her heart. Required Both Heart Valves replaced at age 52. Later Ovarian Cancer struck. Due to the blood thinners she required options on fighting the cancer were somewhat limited. In the End she welcomed the inevitable.
Hello Fellow Vets. Don't be expecting to be remembered today. We have something better! We Remember what we did for our country. We have that satisfaction to reflect on. We know the truths. We know the Burdens and Cost of Freedoms. We know what it took to maintain those Freedoms. We maintained the Freedoms afforded these Communisticrats and Libtardians able to crap on this country. LOL

The True Hero's in this mess are the Families of the Vets. They too paid the Prices. They too took the losses. They too sacrificed parts of they're lives. ... The Families of Veterans are the Real Hero's . The True Prize !