The last place trophy game !!!!!


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Dang those birds sure are living a Rough Life ! That coup is cleaner then my house here. LOL Speaking of Hawks, a few days ago we had the front door open. A Kestrel Hawk Scared the BEEGEEESES out of me. Just missed me sitting on the couch . Flew in the Front door did a loop da loop and got stuck in the window trying to get back out. Guess he was after one of the quail and failed to score. For such a little Bird of Pray them rascals sure have some talons on them. I swear it looked over it's shoulder as it flew away as in to say I'll Remember that Ugly Dude.

Working with Magnets on my Wind Power Projects I thought some of that Magnetic Viewing Film would be handy. Boy that stuff is pricey ! Ordered a 6 x 3 inch sheet. $7.30 Shipped. Seller sent out a 6 x 6 Sheet. Should I lodge a Complaint ? LOL

Applied Magnets® Magnetic Viewing Film - Magnetic Field Display Film 6" x 3"
( 361356658006 )
Good morning my treasure hunting friends.
Just checking in. Plenty of work around the old farmhouse, from just Cleaning, Painting,
Replacing damaged molding, and anything else I get motivated to do.
The birds are doing well. One pair has two young ones that hatched earlier this week.
You must keep the coop clean or your birds will get sick. Calling to order vaccination formulas today. Yep,, that's right,, vaccinations. There are a lot more Viruses around today that we didn't have when we were flying birds back in the 70's.
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Yep, we have small one . Just enough to keep the freezer going if needed. That has enough Fresh Water ice to keep for at least three four days on it's own. like 25 gallons. Working on a Solar, Battery system that should be good for 24 hours of basic stuff. Computers, Communications and Lighting.
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