The last place trophy game !!!!!

We got hit with 14 inches of the "S" word
Then the temps dropped to -9° and stayed around 5° during the day. Tomorrow we get treated to freezing rain. All day!!
Plenty of indoor projects to keep me busy.


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LOL, 5: 27 here and the Front Door open. Starting to get cool enough that I think I'll shut it for the night. Yallllll keep that White Devil over yonder . No need for that crap here.
Just checking on people.
Yesterday it was 24°f in Port Allegheny but 45°f in NYC. it was -7° degrees this morning.
My venture into raising White pigeons is going pretty well. I have 4 youngsters from 2 pair that are getting pretty big. The same two pair have another clutch of eggs that they are sitting on again. They should hatch on the middle of next week.
Staying busy working around the house. It's too dang cold out.