The last place trophy game !!!!!


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Yea I'm still sorta alive. Just. Good thing I live the Hermits life. All of this goings on is really not to noticeably around here.

What ta ells the deal with the toilet paper fetish these people have ?

My legs won't do the thing on longer walks anymore. Needed a Ars Cart. Ordered a MASSIMO MOTOR MB200 MINI BIKE . Pretty much the same as the Coleman.
Still breaking it in. The kid is driving the chit out of it right now. When he has it broken in I'll bypass the governor and add a few bits and bobs for added emph. Probably a Comet Torque converter set.
Hoots of fun and nice and quiet. As is only does like 24MPH but no issues climbing fairly steep hills. Looking for luggage rack for the thing. Lighting sucks. Need to modify it to charge a battery. 6v coming off the magneto. Light go dark at Idle. LOL UnCool. Will add a boost converter charging a LiFePo4 battery pack. Problems solved. What looks like the fuel tank is just a glove box. Room for a few tools and the battery.



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Looks like fun HF but I think I will stick with my 4 legged transportation for when times get tougher. She maintains 6 foot distance pretty well with others. Me, she's kinda in my pocket.
Hey everybody,, I have only been detecting 2 times so far this year. A bunch of wheat and a 64 Rosie. Lots of rain in the Pennsylvania Wilds. We also got a little snow this past week. (2 inches). Breeding my birds and working on projects in the house. Hope everyone had a nice Easter Sunday.