The MXT is here!

Well, I got the MXT yesterday. Thanks to the instructional videos and the tremendous advice on use that is available on this forum, I was able to figure out basic operation quickly. I was able to use it just a bit yesterday afternoon. I love the way it sounds. I found a quarter and a nickle already (it should pay for itself soon, ha). It does have a funny balance to it that makes me strain my arm. I think I need to tinker with length to see if it helps. My headphones will be here next week too.

I hope to find some time in the next couple of weeks to go somewhere and really give it a go.

Thanks to all for your advice!


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Congrats on the MXT,go out there and have fun.
Some detectors can be a bit of balance but generally as you have said it is probably down to the length you have your stem,I find the longer you can have it the better.


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Well a big congrats on the MXT! It is a very good machine and I am sure you will be happy with it, Beale.


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Congrats of the detector and the finds. I first found 2 pennies. I use the MXT also I did find what you said about the balance to be true. I have it at it's longest length I'm 5' 11" and the arm cup as far out as it would go. I found adjusting the arm cup gave it better balance than adjusting the rod length. Now you can go find your share of the treasure buried out there. For a quick satifaction hit a tot lot and pick up some clad. Ice
Ok, my elbow is very sore. I will definitely adjust the stem and the cup. I found a couple of more pennies and some other items. I am learning the machine. I am mostly getting used to the pinpointing as it is a little harder than it was with my Prism. The larger coil is thowing me a bit. I have learned to dig a little farther away from me than I first think.

I have had a couple of disappering items that started over 8 inches deep. I just need practice.


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Sometimes the MXT will see a piece of Iron and give it a 1 c or 10 c and when you go back it's gone. I find that most of the time it is Iron. Reground balance turn the disc down and go over the area again and you may see it's iron. Ice