the one that got away

I always said i wouldnt tell stories but here is a real one for you. in the early 80s i had a friend who lived in southwest colorado in the area where that million dollar gold cert was found . we hunted this area often due to the fack that there was nine more of them still missing. besides it was a great place to find arrow heads and antiques. One day we hit this hot spot for arrow heads and when we had cleaned it out we proceeded to have a sit on a large rock, this theing was 8 ft accross and stuck out of the ground 4 feet. It was an odd duck it was different and i pondered it for a bit then we moved in our hunt .3 or so months later a friend of ours who lived only a mile or so from that spot called me over to his truck he said he found this plowing his field..i looked down at a 90 meteorite he just recieved back from being tested, dang if it didnt look just like that rock we sat on, at that time meteorites were selling for 80 a gram, so that next weeken we hot footed back to that area and looked most of that year for it and never found the spot it was laying. To this day i still check satilite photos hoping it will show up