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Discussion in 'Kellyco Metal Detectors' started by EPC Guy, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. mtbricky

    mtbricky Active Member

    Huskerfan - you described exactly what I'm looking for. I have two sets of free stuff already and just want a deal on an etrac. So Dan is the guy to talk to?
  2. EPC Guy

    EPC Guy TQ Ambassador

    I'm not Huskerfan - but Dan IS the guy!

    Shawn / EPC Guy / LONGHORN FAN!:rofl:
  3. metdetdevl

    metdetdevl Treasure Quest Sponsor

    No need to ask, I just sent you a PM to save you the time :yikes:

  4. Drakkar

    Drakkar New Member

    I will just say, this thread saved me from spending too much and getting too little from EBay!!!
    Placed a high bit on Ace 250 on there and then found this form.
    I was sweating it, hoping to get out bid. Thank god it happened, even if it was 1:30am.
    I wasted no time jumping on Kellyco and ordering one from them!!!!!!!!!!
  5. pennystock

    pennystock Well-Known Member

  6. Bobby1949

    Bobby1949 Active Member

    I personally have never ordered from Kellyco. That's not to say anything bad about them. Just haven't had the opportunity to order what I need at what I can afford to pay. There is a local dealer that sells & stocks most detectors & accessories about 5 or 6 miles from me. I don't always buy from him either. I shop for my deals & don't have any personal feelings against any online dealers. You just get better deals from different dealers. That's just business, nothing personal. I have purchased from New England Detectors recently. Good deal & service was good. I'm not advertising for him either. I research what I need & shop for the best deal. That's it.
    Good luck to all buyers & sellers.
    PS - I refuse to buy anything on EBAY. BAD EXPERIENCE.
  7. metdetdevl

    metdetdevl Treasure Quest Sponsor

    Not all of eBay is bad... You have to pay close attention to the sellers feedback and make sure they are legit. Kellyco has an ebay store under the name of AardvarkMetalDetectors so if you must use eBay, you can buy from us there.
  8. Super 64

    Super 64 Active Member

    My first buying experience from Kellyco was awesome. Had my stuff THE NEXT DAY with free shipping. Of course, living 6 hours away from them helps in that area.

    The next day, I realized I had forgotten to order a long handled sand scoop. So I order one. Two days later, I get a phone call from a very nice lady letting me know that it's on backorder. I let her know I'm a disabled vet with a TBI and that it will limit my ability to go out to the beaches. She made sure that as soon as they came in, my order went out to me. I got it a few days later, even with the MLK holiday. Too bad I didn't know they had a forum member discount at the time I ordered my MD!

    Now, I want to buy the AT Gold 5x8 coil and a Pro Pointer. But the money is awful slim after spending what I did on the MD. But when I get a few more $ together, I'll be going back to Kellyco for it.
  9. majakldragon

    majakldragon Well Known Member Staff Member

    Kellyco doesn't have a discount for being a member here or any forum that I know of. You can get their special discount just for asking for it.
  10. Megagold

    Megagold Well-Known Member

    I researched the internet for the best value on my AT Pro and found Kellyco had the best deal with the extras. I needed the Also bought a sand scoop!I'm happy... :) If I'm happy with the service, products, I am a returning customer, if I'm not happy, I buy elsewhere. That what makes America great! We have choices!!!! Brenda
  11. DBG

    DBG Well-Known Member

    My personal opinion is, If your just starting out Metal detecting and don't have the extra's you need to do it, Kellyco is the only way to go. They're "EXTRA's" package deals are second to none. But ( keep in mine this is just MY personal opinion) once you have these items, there are better deals out there sometimes if you shop around. ALWAYS call and talk to a dealer to get the best deals. ;)
  12. majakldragon

    majakldragon Well Known Member Staff Member

    If you get a lower price than Kellyco has, get it in writing and they will meet or beat it.
  13. metdetdevl

    metdetdevl Treasure Quest Sponsor

    We are willing to work on the price for anyone for sure. You might have to get to either myself or Gene our new sales manager to get approval but we can meet or beat any price found on the net from an authorized dealer.

    As for the accessory packages, we are actually working on them now to set up standard packages for beginner, intermediate, advanced, gold, relic and water accessory packages but it takes a lot to get all that organized. Should be able to get them ready in the coming months.

    If anyone needs any help, just send me a message and I would be glad to help you out.
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  14. wonderer

    wonderer New Member

    I've ordered 2 differant pinpointers over the years, one style when I had a PI MDer & another style when I went back to VLFs.

    No local dealer had them, only Kellyco. I've had great service from them. They have varity that most don't carry along with good discriptions + pictures of their product line.

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  15. bootybay

    bootybay Well-Known Member

    Wanted to tell ya that the 10 x 12 sef coil for the sov. gt.. kicks major butt, I love it, sweet sounds, hear every deep signal, I dont miss anything that I know of.. I am very impressed with that coil. and as always, Tell Margaret, I loved talking to her, have known her for YEARS..
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  16. HarleyMom

    HarleyMom Active Member

    Well I don't have $ for it right now, but I would really like to get a better digger. Right now I'm using a garden trowel I bought for about $12 at lowe's. Maybe I should give Kellyco another chance when I have saved enough clad.
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  17. draaiorgel

    draaiorgel Well-Known Member

    I'm sure I've said this before;
    The UK needs a Kellyco, I'm certain that would give the rest of the dealers a damn good shake up.
    Our problem here is the dealers have no competition. They're stagnant.
    We need a forward thinking company like Kellyco here.
    Since they already have all the manufacturing contacts, they'd come out tops.
  18. Super 64

    Super 64 Active Member

    I got a Lesche digging tool from them a couple weeks ago. I had a garden trowel like you're talking about. Also had the Gator digger from Kellyco, but it was the one without the stop that separates the handle from the blade. The garden trowel broke and the Gator digger had the handle wrap, the orange grip on the handle, fall to pieces after two weeks of use. Now this Lesche tool is made right! I've dug quite a lot over the last couple weeks I've had it and this thing is absolutely beautiful! I can tell that it will last a good, long time. Sometimes, you do get exactly what you pay for. Typically, I don't buy based on price, but rather, function and quality. Sometimes that means I get to spend less but most often, I spend a little more. Had I of just gone with the Lesche from the start, I would of saved a few dollars.
  19. smartfox

    smartfox Well-Known Member

    i like kellyco too. they deliver very fast and have great friendly people that know their stuff.
  20. soapy

    soapy Well-Known Member

    I also agree Kellyco is a great company all my detectors have been puchased from them. They always treated me right and seem'd to go the extra mile for me.

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