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Hello, is there anyone else out there with a CX Plus? I have only had mine out in the yard once due to the weather but am looking forward to spring and warmer temps. I have been researching a Union, post war occupation camp near me and plan to get on that project as soon as all the persimssions are in. I hope to find enough stuff to put a display in the local historical society when I'm finished.

Here are a couple of questions I posted in the Garrett forum but got no replies so I'll try it here specifically about the CX Plus.

What I noticed about the CX was on a good target, pennies, dimes, and the nickel, the sound was smooth as I swept over them. The junk that I dug sounded more eratic and would not ID the same on the reverse pass. Was this just me or is this they way it goes? Although I didn't use the depth indicator much I did note that on junk it would go full scale which is way deeper than an 8.5 inch coil will detect unless there is a car buried in the yard. Is this another clue to junk?

I'm sure that the depth will come with more practice but from what I've read here and on other MD sites looks like the depth that detectors will work to has not changed much since the 1980s. With the big coil the old Fisher would easily detect a quarter at 12-14" and pennies up to 8". I do miss the no-motion discriminate mode. It made it faster to pinpoint and the Fisher was always dead on so recovery was usually done with the probe unless it was over 4" deep.

Any other insight on the CX+ will be appreciated. I was very active many years ago with a Fisher 555D but dropped out of the hobby because of to much work.

When I start finding some stuff I'll post it here.

Hi Ken, sounds like you have it down pretty well to me. I have been thinking about experimenting with a CX myself. It seems to me that Mr. Garrett favors this model very much. I would like to see for myself what the CX can do. But I kinda favor the analog meter on earlier models and so I will have to find a good used unit. Ok Ken happy hunting with your CX and God Bless ya.

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Garrett CX Plus.................

WS4V, I don't think that the CX line is very popular anymore especially since they switched away from the Analog Meter. Grand Master Hunters and the CX line with the Analog Meter seem to sell well on ebay. Like I said before, a lot of hunters prefer the analog meter! Also if you really miss your Fisher VLF555, why don't you search ebay from time to time...............they occassionly show fact, there is a Fisher VLF552 or 551? on ebay right now! Maybe you need to check it out................hoped that I have helped......................just........"Joe Packing for Michigan"
Ebay Detector Warning

I want to mention this before Chuck or John can..:rofl:

Seriously, beware of buying a detector off of Ebay.. Too many people are out to scam others now a days an it can be real easy to get burned. What sounds like a good deal may in turn come to bite you in the butt.

There are honest folks out there who sell on ebay but it is a buyer beware marketplace.. So, if buying off of Ebay, be sure to use PayPal and if at all possible, get the buyer protection if you must buy off Ebay.

Have a great one and while you are at it, check with our sponsors.. Some of them may have a older lower cost analog that is for sell. Our sponsors are into the hobby and know what works for different users, and most, if not all, will gladly stand behind what they sell for a period of time.

I have bought detectors off ebay before, but it was to build up a spare reserve of parts to the ones I have one hand. Recently I had to change my housing on my Ace 300 due to the fact that it took a heck of a tumble off a cliff. I was digging on a flat plateau, kind close to the edge, and accidentally knocked it over the side while retrieving a target. Carelessness on my part, but it happened. Cracked the housing so I switched them out. Now I use a retractable pet leash safety cord (It is for a little dog like a poodle or chihuahua. It works like the one you see for keys but modified with a tape measure clip screwed into the plastic housing.) that attaches to my belt loop when hunting in spots with high drop offs..


The only reason that I mentioned Ebay was that the detectors talked about are not new, they are vintage! A lot of dealers only carry new stock and the few that would have the aforementioned detectors are very few and hard to find! Ebay has good as well as bad sellers! One must be cautious when using it since everything seen is not necessarily what one might get! But also opportunities are there to find that treasure detector lost from our youth! When bidding remember that no matter what is stated, the detector may still need a visit to the repairshop, so bid very conservatively.........................No offense to the dealers here but I collect Vintage Detectors and if I wait for them to acquire one for me to buy................I would probably still be waiting................many dealers do not want money tied up in their opinion "OBSOLETE" detectors! So what am I suppose to do............???..............just my nickel..........And just for the record I have bought some of my collection from dealer(s) And many dealers will not sell their parts detectors since they use these parts to repair their own customers detectors!............Happy Hunting.............."Joe Packing for Michigan"
Just found a vintage detector in my stuff today.

Was digging through the storage building and found one my wife picked at a garage sale up for $3.00. It is an old Bounty Hunter I. I put batteries in it and it works... Has a metal mineral discrimination knob and a volume knob. No meter, but the thing works. Think I will play with it a while and see how deep it goes. So far, 4" is the best I have gotten out of it.

I already had a Bounty Hunter II that I use quite often.