The VibraProbe 560 is.....

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.....the ultimate in hand held pinpointers. This unit is built to with stand un-intentional abuse, and just feels like quality in the hand.Because it uses Pulse Induction technology to detect, you can use it in salt water at the beach or in any type of soil, including black sand.

Communicates with vibration - Vibrations equivalent to those received from a pager tells only you when the target is located. There are no lights that fade-out in the bright sunlight or buzzers that are difficult to hear, especially when wearing headphones from your primary detector.

Really pinpoints your target - The Vibra-Probe 560 detects targets at the tip area only and not along the sides of the shaft. This makes it easy to determine the exact location of the target. The Vibra-Probe 560 will detect a penny at about 1 inch.

Determines distance from the target - A pulse stream (series of vibrations) increases in quantity the closer the tip is to the target. This tells you when you are approaching or touching the target.

No adjustments required - state of the art microprocessor controlled circuitry eliminates the need for adjustments or tuning of any kind.

Automatic On/Off - No mechanical switches. The Vibra-Probe 560 automatically turns on when it is pointed upward for more than one second. Two short pulses of vibration at turn-on indicates the probe is automatically calibrated and working properly. The Vibra-Probe 560 automatically turns off with two distinctive long pulses of vibration after one minute of no target detection.

Water proof - It's completely submersible! You can use it in the rain, mud, or even thirty feet under water. Also, our unique battery compartment design makes replacing the standard nine-volt battery a snap. No tools required. Simply rotate the rear knob and pull out the compression seal. You can quickly replace the battery and reinstall the seal.

Solid one-piece construction - The solid sealed construction of our probe is strong enough for you to really probe the soil.

Holster carrying case - The Vibra-Probe 560 comes with a belt mountable holster for convenient carrying so it is at the ready when you need it.


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