The XP Deus performed very well in adverse weather conditions


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I was fortunate enough to get out with my XP this weekend considering it was just brutal weather conditions. To my surprise it performed great. I had areas where the top layer of soil was frozen and I still found targets 6 inches down and I found targets that had a mixture of very hard topsoil and red clay mix. The weather stayed crazy the whole weekend. I used it in snow, rain and sleet and it still performed very well in my book.

For whatever reasons I think the XP performed better under those conditions than normal. There were two other guys with me, one swinging a CTX3030 and MXT while the other was an older White's Prism but I faired better than both of them by far (at least the first day). The second day my partner traded in the MXT for the CTX3030 and beat me out on some real goodies. Let me say this much. There were quite a few iron targets in there but the best hint of a good target was just a constant tone in both directions and a very small target location. I did pull up three coins over the weekend, one being the 1894-O Barber half that I posted in another thread and a penny and a dime. All three of these targets gave a constant digital number and a strong signal. The Barber half banged consistently at 96 and never waivered. However, all the bullets showed no numbers but had a small sliver showing on the right side of the arch and was pretty consistent with it.

I was also very impressed with the depth that I was reaching. I found a lot of small camplead pieces at 6-9 inches consisitently. I must have bagged at least 10 pieces of lead each day. Some were extremely small but the XP rooted them out each time. Even though I've been using the XP mostly for relics this past year, I can understand where it could be quite challenging to coinshoot with. Right now it's really hard for me to get back to coinshooting when I know where some CW stuff is. Anyway, I hope some of this jibberish might help a XP user in the future. See ya in the woods.

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Excellent post Jake
Unlike a piece of farm machinery, the extreme cold or heat has little impact on our metal detecting equipment. The weather usually takes it's toll on us long belong before it affects the Deus. My concern of course would be getting caught in a rainstorm. I guess a rain bonnet will protect the headphones on a Deus, lol. The E-trac doesn't do well with water. The CTX 3030 can do it all in any conditions.
The one thing that I noticed about the Deus that I believe is an asset,, is the fact that it doesn't appear to have an overload. In a U.S. country farm or a field in the United Kingdom, it will turn up tiny cut silver, Roman coins, or civil war artifacts.

Now, Superman had Lex Luther to give him a hard time, and The Deus has The Steel Bottle Cap. I have a program that I'm going to try and I really hope it addresses the Lex Luther of the metal detecting world. I will use the Deus on a farm or in the woods. The NYC Parks are carpeted with steel bottle caps. So for now I will continue to hammer these parks with the Monster or the CTX.
The weather this coming weekend is looking good.