They are All Coming Down


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I'm glad that I was born and raised in a time when we were able to LEARN our history rather than destroy it.
Isn't that the Truth. Thing is, these so called progressive scholars that are pushing so hard for the removal of our History and Anything linked to our History are going to be the very first to cry out loud in wonder when they notice millions of dollars being lost to the tourism industry. Many tourists both here and abroad travel to see so many of our Historical sites, cities, and parks. Without it, (our History) what will there be left to see? This brings about the Three S' Words: Shameful, Sinful, and Sickening.

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What’s so amazing to me is how fast all of this, including the virus, has developed. Who would have thought that things could deteriorate this fast? Who knows what will happen next? I do think that things will have to get better, though. In the meantime, we are going to stay home more than we have.