Tiger shark ground balancing

I am having a little trouble ground balancing or knowing if my unit is correctly ground balanced. If some one who is real sharp and made a audio of this I would appreciate it and I am sure others would to. Thanks:banghead:


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If the Tiger Shark is like the Vaquero just listen for the tone as the coil is lowered down. Do not worry about the tone as it is raised. Make sure the tone stays as nutral as possible as you lower the coil. Once this is done you are good to go, Beale.


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Hi frenchfry :wavey: and Welcome to TQ !
If you pull up Tesoro's home website... on the homepage on the left, Click on frequently asked questions..Then when that comes up, On the right side click on General Detecting and scroll down and it will give ya all the Info on GB. They did have an actual video to watch but I can't remember how to pull it up.
Hope this helps a little.

Good Luck & HH