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I got a tiger shark several months ago have taken it out twice, first time it leaked, I replace the seal and took it out for the second time and I could not get it to work (mind it did work on land).

If anyone in the South Florida area would like to go metal detecting and show me how to use this, it'll be great.



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There are a few Shark users here on site..I am sure they will get back to you to answer your question...Chuck....:biggrin:


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Just remember that Tesoro has a lifetime warranty. If you are having issues give them a call. They will for sure make it right, Beale.

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Never had a problem with mine. I agree with Beale. Contact Tesoro, and they will probably get you to send it in. You will only need to send the control box in, probably. I always make sure there is no sand, grit, or dirt on or near the o-ring seal before clamping. Use a hair-dryer to dry out ALL moisture inside, and put one of those small silicone dessicant packs inside. Leave the control box open for a few days, also to allow any excess moisture to evaporate out. Send it in for a check-up.


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When i first saw the title of this post my thought was , "Stay the heck away from them!!" Hope you get your machine up and running.. i'm with the gang.. send it in if it still is giving you probs. Mikey:bthumb: