Time Ranger on order!

I ordered a Time Ranger earlier this week from Cabelas only to have them tell me they are on back order until 1/31. Must be like buying new telescope stuff and having the clouds move in for a week! Well, I think I'm gonna be happy with this machine and I can't wait to get started detecting with it. Thanks for all the good info here folks! Dan
Still kicken

Hi everyone. I was surprised to see the thread revived but have still ocasionally haunted the forum. I use my machine to find buried valves and pipes on my farm. I haven't had a chance to just go and have fun with it but it has saved me countless hours of searching and digging sucker holes to find the old lines. One of these days I'll take it out and do some hunting as my daughter has been bugging me to do so. When I do I'll let everyone here know about it and will even post some pics. I have an area where an old barn once was and burned down 40 years ago. Ya never know what may have been under those old boards. Thanks for checking in on me folks!