todays spot...a real hoot-an-nanny

From the land of the Bluenose...well this spot was a pure luck find and a good one at that. Last summer Marie and I took a three day trip down the south shore all the way to Yarmouth. Of course on the way had to stop at Shelburne where I found a nice diamond solitaire when previously on a swish with Andy Eh. From that one spot we recovered over a dozen gold and silver rings as well as a ton of coins and religous medals.

After that swish Marie had her usual craving for ice cream and we stopped by this quaint little ice cream parlour that just happened to have a lighthouse by it (posted earlier). Got to talking to the clerk who informed me of a private club that had a beach and swimming area with instructions on how to get there that would confuss Einstien....of course this stupid bouy was able to follow them to a tea. After a multitude of twists and turns we eventually ended up on a dirt road and located the club. Lord love a duck sounded as if someone was shooting dogs inside. Cautiously I entered leaving the building, leaving Marie in the car to finish the last of her treat and was greeted by a wack of wackos singing kareoke to cowboy music! Man that right there made this bouy uneasy at least till I approached the bar figuring who better to ask for permission to swish off the beach then the man in charge of the beer!
Anyway the fellow gave me the thumbs up and asked me if I wanted a hot dog and beer.......... no charge. Twodogs and a "few" beer later I was in the water as Marie was browsing the flea market that was going on along with the kareoke! Well Mr. Man she fit right in and it wasn't long before I could hear her a kareoking (if there is such a word) even a 100 yards away with my Seahunter headphones on! My dog died, my truck broke down and my wife left music......ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Anyway after a half hour of that had to leave my swish (couple of silver rings and change ) and rescue Marie......ended up back at the bar and had a few more serious conversations with Mr. Budnonthewiser till I got the evil eye from Marie who I passed the car keys over to..........this bouy was in a daze and the dog house that day. Great folks who I'll visit again this summer!