todays spot

From the land of the Bluenose...this spot was found via the aid of my conversation piece that I wear around my neck...the ring thing strikes again. Situated a mere 30 minute drive from my home this lake was virgin till last summer as it took a whole two days to "explore" the bottom which is a semi firm silt that is just great for digging but requires a good shower afterwards if swished wearing just cut off and sneakers like I did the first time there. Notice in the photo I was not going to make that mistake again and donned the chestwaders. Turns out this medium sized beach on a campground is owned by a fellow I went to school with and was just too glad to have me there as I recovered a few anchors off his wharf plus some sharp metal shrouds from the swimming area. Kind of thinking it is a good place for sailing as both times I was there the wind was quite strong. No gold found here but a ton of coins and a few silver rings.


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I bet you enjoyed hunting there..looks like a quaint out of the way type of spot..a good spot tp pitch a tent:bthumb: