Took my latest Sterling out for a test run

Had to get out of the house for awhile, sun was out and just a bit cool. Winter is just around the corner, not many weeks left before the snow flies. Hope it holds off for a long time.

I used the Minelab Sterling and my newly built headphones. Wife used the Detectorpro Wader.
Wife and I took a drive to a small beach, she found a penny, whippeee!!
I found some nails and several pulltabs, we didn't stay there too long.
Several weeks ago I spotted a school ground. Didn't realize how big the grounds were.
Plenty of area to detect if we wanted to go back. Well, I want to go back!!
We covered a very small area about 6 ' by 20', probably a good two acres or so to hunt. The soccer field caught my eye.
There was stuff, coins, yahoo. Within a minute we started finding cash.
We only had about 45 minutes to hunt, did my best. Had to get used to the Sterling again.
Pinpointing was a snap with the 8" Advantage coil. Simple has getting the signal centered left to right, then
pulling the coil backwards from the loudest point. Once the sound disappeared, the object can be pinpointed at the tip of the coil.
5" pennies sounded like they were just about on top of the ground. Couldn't wait to see how deep it would find coins. Had visions of deep silver coming out........I know its there. The Sterling banged loud on most of the coins found, most averaged around 5-6" deep.
Besides about 20 pull tabs, tin foil and a few deep soda cans. Managed to dig up:
2 Loonies (Canadian $1.00 coins)
3 quarters
3 nickels
5 dimes
15 pennies
1 lock
I really enjoyed using the Sterling. Glad to own one again, since selling my last one in Jan 2009. Can't wait to super-tune it. My headphones work great, too.
Can't wait to get out again---
Especially after reading some local history books. Looks like some woods hunting is in order. Possible War of 1812 relics may still be found..............