TQ Newsletter April 2009

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It’s great to see more people getting out to hunt! The finds are staring to pick up and the pictures of emerging flowers and trees signal the beginning of ALLERGY SEASON! LOL! Sorry, I couldn’t help that!

One of the great things about <b>TQ</b> is that we keep it light here. With all that is going on in the world, <b>TQ</b> is a port in the storm for many others and myself as well. It isn’t for everyone. We have been criticized for being too strict in our rules and I conceded that we are strict. But, we are not going to allow <b>TQ</b> to lose what has given it its distinct identity. A site that reflects the positive, friendly and caring nature of its members. That is inviting to people of all levels of ability and that reflects the diversity of seeking items that can be found in the ground.

As our community grows, we will not lose sight of what has made us unique. We have built a strong foundation together and we will all see <b>TQ</b> remain true to its core values.

The site saw another Member Visits record established and our international members have increased.

It’s been a very busy month here on the site. We have been watching many wonderful events take place. <b>6Angels</b> has taken her family south for a vacation. <b>EPC Guy</b> has headed bravely north and caused a mini-TQ Hunt in Indiana and he has also started a new job. <b>Buster</b> went north to be a better museum curator. <b>BootyBay</b> is going south and the SC folks are getting chitlins ready for her arrival. Soon after that, <b>Tinman</b> is heading north to PA.

<b>TQers</b> were awakened to the news from <b>Anne</b> in England that Metal Man was being held by the authorities for back taxes! He was declared to be worth about $450, over 20 times his original value! Apparently, Metal Man attempted to distract the authorities of Her Majesty’s Tax & Revenue Service and sneak in some additional goodies that caused the authorities to give him their attention! He was detained by the authorities and subjected to various interrogations but, even after they had taken off his nuts (which he used as his hands), he didn’t give up who sent him! He was threatened at gunpoint, attempted a daring but unsuccessful escape and sent us an urgent plea for comfort items and a set of nuts (for new hands!). <b>Anne</b> paid his ransom and, no doubt, had a good talk about his recent behavior with the authorities !

I took the liberty to consult with Bernie MadeOffWithYouMoney's accountant and he sees a lot of investment potential in MetalMan. <b>TQ</b> members could invest in MetalMan shares and watch their interest grow and in no time at all, he should be worth thousands of dollars in custom Fees and postage!

<b>Heavymetalnut</b> had a bit of a surprise when he had to give up a find. If you have not read his post already, click here: <a href="http://www.treasurequestxlt.com/community/your-finds/29761-had-whole-police-force-fire-dept-my-apt-today.html">Had the whole Police force...</a>

It was not too long ago that a treasure hunter was killed by a CW artillery shell he was trying to defuse. Old ammo is notoriously unstable. Mine hunters will tell you that they won't go near an old stick of dynamite. Be careful with ANY ordinance you find!

We are looking into getting out some <b>TQ</b> items if people would like to buy them. We are going to start with caps and work into other items as we learn what people would like to have to show their <b>TQ</b> pride! Please send any suggestions you may have to any of the staff and we will see what can be done!

Photos have been coming into the <b>Digital Camera Forum</b> and we have seen many beautiful and remarkable pictures shared there. Please take a minute to see what is being posted. The submissions are awesome!

The <b>Arrowhead/Relic</b> area is growing in fans and we are seeing some great posts there. So many <b>TQ’ers</b> have their eyes on the ground as well in an effort to find relics. The varieties and craftsmanship is astounding and it is amazing what some members have found! Don't forget to look at our <b>Auction Site</b> where there is an arrrowhead currently available!

Members are making and posting some great videos on the site and they are getting a lot of attention from members. The approaches are different but the quality is great and I am hoping we can inspire others to share a video with us too!

Just a reminder that if you aren’t ready to make a video, you can post pictures of your finds in a Photo Album in your Profile Area. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the Tech Tips sub-forum in the Digital Camera area!

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In Memoriam - Gordon Coe

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We are fortunate to have another great article from Denise at Gold Rush Trading Post. We thank Denise and Gold Rush for their submission!

<b>Take a Tour of the Sierra Silver Mine in Wallace, Idaho</b>
Photo feature by Denise from www.GoldRushTradingPost.com

“If it’s not grown, it’s got to be mined,” Lenny the mine guide stated matter-of-factly as he led our hard hat-wearing group into the dim, damp underground Sierra Silver Mine outside of Wallace, Idaho. “If you really think about it, you’ll realize how true that is,” he continued proudly. “The manufacture of everyday products requires silver, gold, copper, lead, zinc and other minerals.”

<center><img src="http://www.treasurequestxlt.com/community/members/steve-in-pr-albums-nl-pics-picture4778-ssm-entrance.jpg"></center>

Nicknamed “Smurf” by his former co-workers because of his short stature, the retired hard-rock-miner-turned-tour-guide entertained and educated us for about an hour as we toured the fascinating mine and learned its history. Through humorous yet true stories of his career as a miner, we were surprised to hear that the tools of the trade haven’t changed much over the last 100 years. Long pneumatic drills are still used to bore holes into rock, and the holes are then filled with explosives. Although the noise during the drill demonstration was deafening, it lasted for just a few seconds, and it helped us to better understand the working conditions endured by hard rock miners. After Lenny’s enjoyable and educational tour, our group re-boarded the vintage trolley that had brought us out to the mine, and listened to the driver as he pointed out local landmarks during the short and scenic ride back into downtown Wallace.

<center><img src="http://www.treasurequestxlt.com/community/members/steve-in-pr-albums-nl-pics-picture4780-lenny-smurf-tour-guide2.jpg"></center>

Wallace, Idaho, known officially as the Silver Capital of the World, is just one of 14 historic towns tucked into Idaho’s Silver Valley. The Valley stretches about 40 miles, mostly along Interstate 90 between the Coeur d’Alene River and the Montana border, and got its name because the silver deposits first found here in the early 1880s were some of the richest ever discovered. The Valley's Coeur d'Alene Mining District is still one of the largest silver mining regions in the world, and has produced more than a billion ounces over the past century.

<center><img src="http://www.treasurequestxlt.com/community/members/steve-in-pr-albums-nl-pics-picture4779-lenny-smurf-tour-guide.jpg"></center>

To get up a real sense of 125 years of silver mining history, an underground tour of the Sierra Silver Mine can’t be beat. It’s fun and informative for the entire family, and if you like to camp, fish, and hike, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation in the Silver Valley as well.

For more information:

Sierra Silver Mine Tour, Inc.
420 5th St.
Wallace, ID 83873
phone: 208-752-5151

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Club Meetings and Hunt Activities. (If you have an activity that you are planning, know about or are thinking about, send me a Private Message as far ahead as possible and we will include it here in the newsletter.)

Cowtown Treasure Hunters Club
Ft.Worth, TX.
Meeting dates: 3rd Thursday of each month, 7:00 P.M.
American Legion Post #569
400 West Felix St.
Ft. Worth TX. 76113
Contact Texaspapa (Larry Carr) 817-240-1943

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Did you ever wonder what it would be like walking in an old time pre Civil War general store? The next best thing would be to read their store book. I have the original store book 1857-1860 and created an 681 page downloadable ebook from it. It states the visitor's name, what they purchased and some prices. It's quite interesting for folks who enjoy revisiting our historic past. Read more about it here : <a href="http://www.treasurequestxlt.com/shademills.shtml">Shade Mills Store Book</a>

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Please send us (Any Admin or Moderator) <i><b>any</i></b> suggestions you might have for TQ. After all, TQ is the sum of all of us together!</marquee>

Also, if you have news or have written a Metal Detecting article that you would like to share with the membership, please contact Steve in PR!

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Please visit them for all your detecting needs.

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Very good job on the news letter Steve..This one was a winner for sure...I would like to help out some on the next one...Chuck....:smile:


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Great Job on the News Letter Steve!! I can tell alot of your time went into it, Well Done!! :bthumb: Very Good Read... As Usual Bud!!

Great News letter

Great news letter. I am a member of TQ because it is family oriented. The day it sways from the values that was set forth by the founder will be the day I resign my membership. Thanks for the good work on this site and the work for the TQ community.:bthumb: