Tracker iv works just fine 4 this rook

I got it at a pawn shop 4 50 bucks. finds pennies great lol. found a token bout 9 inches down in dirty gravel driveway. its brass or copper maybe. found some big iron bout a foot. Its nice and lite with easy controls. I'll bet it pays 4 itself in less than 6 months. good luck all!!!!!

KEEP ON DIGGIN!!!!!!!!:bthumb:


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I found a lot with mine.....
Remember to set the disc at 12 0'clock and sens at 3 o'clock and go get em....And put the toggle switch to disc......I found a lot of silver jewelry with that machine.....Good Luck....
By the way I still have it and it is running strong after 9 years.....


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Good luck with the new machine. If you are looking for Winter hunting locations, try the forests. The leaves insulate the ground and offer some opportunities to extend the season.