Trade my old coins for new Silver Eagles

Wyatt Earp

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I have decided to hold bullion rather than antique coins.

I am even thinking about trading off my Barber half dollar set which has a FMV of 2700.00......for rolls of BU silver eagle bullion coins. The set contains 60 of the 73 coins with a minimum grade of VG-8....with most being VG-10 to VF. There are only 2 coins in G-4 (I got those in lots)...1901-S and 1904-S....and 2 coins in EF....1901 and 1906-D. The 1898-O is in F-12, the 1913-P is in VG-10, the 1914-P is in VG-8. There are also 2 1/4 rolls (45 coins) of Barber halves for trading stock. One roll is typical ag/g and a few VG cleaned coins, while the second full roll is made up of coins all VG-VF (1 VF) and with full rims both sides, and a few scarce dates like a 1905-O in VG and I think a 1909-O. There are 5 other coins in the 3rd roll....all VG or so. I'd take a dozen rolls of BU Eagles for the entire Barber collection. The set is complete from 1899 through 1914. Only the 15-P is missing after 1899.

Barber halves in VF include 1896-P, 1900-P, 1902-S, 1905-S, 1909-P, 1912-D. Coins in EF 1901-P and 1906-D. There are many coins in F..that are very nearly VF...F-15 to F-18.

I have rolls of Morgan and Peace Dollars, rolls of walkers and Franklin Halves, and a bunch of other stuff....rolls of mercs, sets of mercs...and some nice single coins of numismatic interest.

Wyatt Earp