trying to find gold cap

I have never used a detector but I borrowed an old metal detector to try to find a gold crown that I lost in rocks in a retaining wall behind our house (was trying to get crown from extracted tooth and crown flew into the rocks...). Alright, that was a dumb thing to do outside but I had it in a box but I would like to find it to sell since gold is so high now. Before I had the detector, I carefully went over the rock surfaces (without disturbing anything) with a strong flashlight to look down behind the rocks as well with no luck. I borrowed the detector from a friend but she had no instructions but figured it out the best I could but using a gold broach to set the tone for that metal. Got good signal from three large rocks, which I carefully moved to look behind in dirt but no luck finding that gold crown yet. Any suggestions on that would be appreciated.

My real question is why did those 3 large rocks give me a positive signal when none of the hundreds of rocks back there gave none. Would they have iron in them? What other metal would give the same signal as gold. People used to get stones in this area for grinding stones if that helps. You can't put your shovel in the dirt without finding rock and we have huge unmovable boulders all around. We just landscape around them...


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What detector are you using.

Yes some rocks we call HOT rock produce a signal.

Gold does not have it's own sound on most machines.

Some machines will not even find gold that small.:alcoholic