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Hi Kids , remember me ? heh heh heh i'm considerably more sunburned and totally into this detecting in old Pa.Coins ive never seen before unearthed and the fun of researching them.
Which leads me to a hot june day in fields newly plowed , these grounds date back to ancient times and the still standing farm house from the 1700's.
Does anybody remember those black "strongboxes" ? Ive seen them in old western movies.
Long story short ..yep..i found one.

At first i thought it was old farm junk but so close to the house was odd , i was disappointed it wasnt a coin but dug it out as junk to clear the ground , this was a large item of metal.
Do you know that feeling of instant comprehension and excitement ? Heart pounding in an instant when i realised what it was ..and it was heavy..very heavy.
Better yet it was still locked.....yes it rattled and i knew immediately what was inside.

We're still catologuing them all after days of it ..hundreds upon hundreds of silver dimes , old indian nickels , silver quarters by the roll , silver half dollars and joy of joys silver dollars ..lots of them , CC mint on a few and lots of San Francisco mint marks on all kinds of coins , tokens were there from 1829 , old pennies but the vast majority is silver coins , ive no idea how much it all weighs but its the first time ive ever found a hoard of coins and just find delight for now looking at them.

I thought about putting a few on ebay but thought id give you guys first crack at any for your own collections.No sense paying ebay fees if it can be avoided.Yes i have landowners full permission and we are both happy to keep a few for souvineers and sell the rest.
Anybody interested in particular dates can PM me , i'll organise a photo this evening and post it tomorrow.
Theres a lot of silver dimes from the 20's and 30's and 40's , quarters are about the same , beautiful standing liberty half dollars , silver dollars are mostly peace and morgan dollars.
Theres a few oddities like large pennies and 1918 quarters as well as various tokens.


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oh. my. goodness. That's called "JACKPOT!!!!!!"

I personally wouldn't go the eBay route, but look up coin dealer websites and give some a call - but before you do, goodness gracious PLEASE TAKE SOME PICTURES!


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Congratulations James :multi: have you come down of the ceiling yet, what a fantastic find.:bthumb:
Get quotes from several dealers as they are out to make as much out of it as they can.


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Holy Cow, you found the mother lode! Congrats and yes I would be interested in some coins. Definately want to see some picks.WTG:bthumb:


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Congrads James it looks like u have struk the mother lode, like everybody is saying pictures Please lots of them. :bthumb:


G :multi: Wahoo Yepeeee


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we gotta have picturse if we are to take your claim seriously. if it's true then AWESOME! if not then :icon_roll ok nice story!

I truly believe that's one of the most treasured finds while metal detecting. It's what everyone hopes for. What a great hobby. It's about being in the right place at the right time. Congrats, keep up the good work.
Hi everybody , up late getting pictures but finding difficulty getting all the coins into a frame , thanks for kudos and you can bet i was thinking all the things you guys said.
Theres a couple requests for seperate photos so i'll get busy and have these pics up today/tonight.
Attaching pics

Ok , i'll give it a try , this first one shows the old strongbox i described , too bad it had to be bust open but i figured i didnt have much chance of finding the key too.


Ok..that worked

I got pics to work first time..cool
Coins are not in any real order just stacked according to denomination for this quick pic.
There were other items inside , tokens and old paper notes , ones and fives but nothing like ive ever seen before.Pre 1920's notes , confederate notes , tokens from various cities , an old pin fire pistol , coins from haiti oddly enough pre 20's and silver also.


The old gun

Pretty neat really , no makers mark but the handle has the european "green man" carved in the grips and the only mark i can find appears 3 times on the 3 pieces which make up the gun.Its a V with a crown above it which leads me to think Queen Victoria of England.
The ciggie pack is for scale , its really small but must have packed a real punch as its a 6 shooter and bigger than a .22 or .25 , its not a .38 .. dunno , pretty cool anyway.



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Just under the Cylinder, you should find some marks.

On the end of the but, you should find some numbers.

Were do you see the marks your talking about?