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Just fantastic! The stacks of silver look so good! Very nice and cool gun! Thanks for the pictures! A truely once in a lifetime find for sure, Beale.
The pistol was in the box , its quite small , ill post more detailed pics of it tomorrow.No marks on it anywhere other than the V and crown i mentioned.Ill catch up on PM too before weekend is out.
Hahaha love the Scottish prayer : )

Heres some more pictures of that wee gun , it definately has no marks or numbers other than those i described.
Looking at it its obvious the gun doesnt readily come apart , loading it is via a small flap and spinning the cylinder.
The manufacture of it appears to be 3 main pieces , the barrel part , the cylinder part and the part you hold with the trigger , the body of it for lack of a better word.
All 3 of these parts have a small V with a crown above it , at first they are not easy to see and could be mistaken for small nicks or scrapes but with a magnifying glass it becomes a V crowned , im betting its Victoria ..has to be.
Then again im no firearms expert or even owned one so i wouldnt really know.



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Man o man James..that is a find and more..You can even read the dates on the Buffalo nickels...Really nice find..Congrats..This should be magazine worthy for sure....Buster.....:bthumb: :bthumb: :bthumb: :bthumb: :bthumb: :bthumb: :bthumb: :bthumb: :bthumb: :bthumb: :bthumb: :bthumb:


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I think this is your beast!

Pin fire

Yours is missing the Ejector Rod.

A solid frame, fixed cylinder, rod ejector revolver, having a single and double action and a folding trigger. A loading gate is located on the right hand side of the revolver and ejection is carried out by means of a manually operated ejector rod. The cylinder has six chambers. This type of revolver is a Belgian imitation of the Webley design, the quality of which is fair or poor. These pistols appear in numerous designs, with exposed or enclosed hammers, with or without trigger guards, with and without manual safeties, some with folding triggers, and in a tremendous range of lengths, weights, grip styles, etc. The range of calibres are tremendous also, in pin-fire type alone it is produced in 5 mm, 7 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm and 15 mm forms. These pistols were produced around the mid 19th Century.

REME Weapons Collection - Flintlock, Percussion and Pin-Fire Pistols



Greetings James,
How long have you been detecting for? And has this been your greatest find? Because if it was, I think it may be your last.:santahat: