V4 Percision Pin Pointer

Today with the purchase of my Garrett Ace 250 i bought a V4 pin pointer with it for 56$ that is including shipping! i heard that some people thought it was too bulky and they didn't care much for it but like Indianasmith he said he liked it so i th:grin:ink i made a good decision for a starter! i can always buy another one! i think ounce i get used to pinpointing and stuff i will buy a vibra! thanks everyone~
Dylan, I use the V4. Got it the same way you're getting yours. It's a little bulky but you'll get used to it. Best thing is-- it works great! Have fun.
Glad you were able to get a pinpointer too Dylan, they make a big difference in helping locate what you're after either while it's still in the hole, or in the dirt you've removed. That's another reason I like to lay the dirt (or plug) on a piece of plastic, it keeps things out of the grass & makes them easier to find too.

It is alittle long (at 18") which makes carrying it alittle awkward, but it's a good one still. Just treat your gear with care (I know you will), and wipe them off after use & they'll last a long time for you.


Just got my very first MD. I waited for a week and a half for it to get to me then it came. My brand new garrette ace 250 and V4 automax pin pointer. I am 44 years old and my wife hated my guts for a week and a half. She said I acted worse than a 5 year old waiting for some candy.
I could not wait to get it out and put it to work so I went to my back yard. I found a small piece of iron which looke like a leg off of a mini chair
I used the pin pointer over the dirt pile to find it. I then found a 38 cal shell that I guess was around 15-20 years old because it fell apart with a slight touch. My point is have fun and enjoy your new MD. Learn from the pro's on here and the most important thing is know your detector. know the differant sounds it makes and grow with it. good luck my little friend
good luck

the ace is a great machine. Dig everything that beeps, I like the sniper coil in trashy areas...If It looks shinny, do not rub it, wash in water! Cheers