Vibra Probe 570 Feedback?

Anyone have any feedback on the 570. I currently have a 560 and would be interested in a comparison. I use my 560 for water hunting & wouldn't consider going without it. Just wondering if the 570 has any got to have features. Thanks for your replies in advance.

hh Steve


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The 570 is fantastic. I used it for about an hour or 2 today and it helps when you dig the plug and don't have a clue which way your loot is. I love mine. Don't see how I could dig without it. It is well worth the money. And the automatic on off feature is real cool. I love it. :smile::smile::smile::bthumb:


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After using it for sometime i have discovered that it doesn't like my Fisher F75. That is my only complaint. It causes interference in the detector.


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I have the 730.. and it and my dual field are not must turn the other off to use. Mikey
I used the 560 so much I wore out the tip so I replaced it with the 570 the only thing I find is the low battery let you know buy three vibes a few times and it can set off the detector best to keep it about two feet away.


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I'm with grasshopper...I get serious feedback from my XLT...also happens with the Ace-250. BUT, I just put them aside and use the 570 till I find my *goodie*...