Vibra-Probe 570 stopped working

I am have no idea what happened. I replaced the battery and now it is not working anymore. O bought it around 2 years ago and it has been working fine. After I replaced the battery, it stopped working completely. No vibrations, nothing. The battery is new too.

How do you fix these things, Everything is totally enclosed.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks all


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sounds dumb, but try another battery and make sure its on there tight......i had one of the connectors was squished down and was not making a real tight connection on mine.........if it goes on easy, its not right! not much else to check on it.....i wore the tip off mine (560), and it quit after that.........guess i was too rough on it...........

Ray ECenFL

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If the battery is good, you may have broken a wire on the battery connector.

Not sure how you would fix that.

Might have to send it back for repair.

Hope all works out for you.

Ray ECenFL