Vintage Garrett ADS Deepseeker and Master Hunter ADS 7 question!


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Hi, i have 2 vintage metal detectors, they are both early model Garrett deepseekers. One is the first i beleive ADS deepseeker made and the other is a Master Hunter ADS 7. They are both boxed and what looks like they are new or have had very little or no use at all. I would like to keep one and sell one and am leaning on keeping the ADS 7 ? I remember buying one of these when they came out new and i paid a lot , about $700 back then, still a lot now! Which one should i keep :confused: thanks for any advice.



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Depending on what model you have, I would lean to the Older unit.

They first came out running 15 Khz then changed to 5.5Khz.

The 15Khz is hot on Gold.

The Old unit has every thing you would need to find Nuggets/Black Sands/ and abilities to distinguish between Mineral and Metal using the TR!

I have the little brother of the Ground Hog S-3 that runs at 15Khz and have found nuggets down to 1/4 gram with in more then a few times.

Deep? No but it can do it.

I My Self don't do Bells and Whistles.

I like the old time sounds like Radar.

Put a Sniper Coil on that old machine and you have something!:alcoholic

I have a ADS that needs a Coil. Looks just like your first photo. Works Fine. It Runs at the 5.5 and is a more then fine Coin Machine.

It's for sale. No Gold, No Good to me.


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Thanks for the good info, i havent used the master hunter but have had a lot of success with the deepseeker for beach work back in the 80's when i purchased a new one then . I have 3 coils with it as well, looking at the underside of the coils there are no scratches or the usual markings so i guess it is pretty much unused as it came from an estate. Looking forward to haveing some more fun with it at the local beaches :bthumb:


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I checked the coils i have for both machines and they all run 5.5 except for a "supersniper" that came with the ads 7 master hunter, it has no marking , different male type pin connector and looks like its never been out of its wrapping. Could the different type pin connections be changed so i could use the later type pin on early model . Now i am thinking, is the coil 5.5 kz or is the machine using that frequence , so many questions, thanks. cheers