Walking Liberty Half Dollars...Early dates VF and better

Wyatt Earp

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I just started assembling a set of the first half of the Walking Liberty Half Dollars 1916-1933....and am going to be looking to buy examples of the early dated walkers, VF and better. I do have specific needs, but I will buy duplicates if the price is right. I will consider all provided the grade meets my VF-20 minimum. No damaged coins, no rim dings, bruises, ticks...unless the price definitely reflects the damage. I only have one in the collection that has a tiny rim tick...a 17-D Obv that I ended up with for free. Hard for me to kick that one out.

I currently am seeking:

1916 P-D-S

1917 D Reverse

1919 D-S

1920 D

1921 PDS

Let me know what you might have.