Wednesday all nighter.


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We decided on an all nighter at the 11th hour.
Our first hunt was a local tot lot which had already been done,
only found a couple of pounds between us. :rocketwho
Moved on 40 miles up the road and did our second tot lot,
almost the same again except we found about £6:00.
Third tot lot boo hoo same again. :banghead::banghead:
We then moved onto the beaches,
although we had to work hard to get some decent signals,
at last things were lookin' up. :bthumb::bthumb:
Our biggest surprise find on the beach,
and they rang up as 59-60 almost the same as our £1 coins which come in at 58-64.
Can you believe a load of musket balls, :yikes::yikes::yikes:

I've only ever found one on a beach in 4 1/2 years.
They were all in fresh sand dumped up by the tide and loads of sea weed too.
Our total clad for our efforts came to;
£19:66 = $31:08 which we thought wasn't too shabby
after the slow start. :multi::multi::multi::multi: