Wednesday Company token


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Pretty new to the world of metal detecting but I found a token that I have no idea about while searching a local school this evening. It reads "Wednesday Company" on one side, "no cash value" on the other. The side that reads no cash value also has a eagle in the center of it. Looks to be made of copper or brass? Could be something, could be nothing. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks



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Hi Jeff!

Its probaly a game token used for playing games in a pinball machine or gameroom, its replace a quarter. not much value-.25ยข

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I know this is a super old post, but I was looking for information on these "wednesday company" tokens. A good friend of mine gave me 7 tokens identical to the one you described and 13 that are probably copper and from the same company because they have the same eagle on the front, but it does not have the company name on the tokens. they say no cash value on the back. If anybody knows anything more about these, I would like to know. Thanks.
Speaking of Wed. Co. tokens, I had one mixed in with my dirty clad. I usually clean the clad by soaking in CLR and then scrubbing under running water with a brass brush. To my surprise, what I thought was a quarter was a Wed. Co. token. It has a bright silvery finish and looks like new after cleaning. Apparently, whoever made them used quality plating. I found mine in an old park...two in the same hole. They must have been popular tokens. Any more info would be appreciated.