Well, they aint exactly dogs.

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Last Thursday, I took a ride down to Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania and picked up 2 pairs of White Homers. The breeder i purchased them from is a well known breeder and has written a book on White Homers. These birds are now mated and are pushing for eggs. This morning I got a call to come to the post office to pick up more birds. Two more pair of White Homers that i purchased from a breeder in Ohio. I thought the Post Office was supposed to be closed for President Bush's funeral but the lady said they were not making deliveries but everyone was working.


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against the wind

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Didn't know you had in interest in homing pigeons. Is this new or something you've been involved in before?
When I was a kid and then again in the 70's, I was involved with a few people who had pigeon coops. That was when I lived in the Bronx. When I moved to Midtown Manhattan, you couldn't find a roof where the landlord would allow a coop on the roof.
Now I have almost 9 acres with a barn. I have these breeders in a separate section in the barn. Eventually i will set up my 12 x 24 shed to house 3 different breeds of pigeons.