Went diggin


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Pulled a couple real nice sodas. A 10oz Hunters beverage thats very colorful 1940s-1950s vintage (went out of business in 54 or 55). Also a very nice `58 Dr pepper to go with my other I got from this dump some time ago. Most I dig are broken M&S, Dr Pepper, Pepsi, Coke, Nu-grape and a few others. always find a few Bromos (everyone loves cobalt).
Coupl of meds Dr Tichenors, and a Creomulsion for coughs and colds. Lots of whiskey bottles, I leave those unless it catches my eye. Got 4 different types of milks 3 1/2 pints Genesee embossed/Mcdonalds acl/Spragues-acl and then a whopper 1/2 gallon United Dairies. Plus 3 of the tiny glass creamers.

One that caught my eye was the 60s style hippy swirl top on a Toni hair styling cream jar (similar to a ponds jar which I leave all those too). This one was mint shape and the lid really screams 1960s.
Plus, the benefits of scrap metals aluminum,brass,copper,stainless steel and silverware. All helps to pay for new equipment for the new year. Need to take my shaker box and check for more marbles or coins. Keep hoping to find a jar or can full of silver coins....only a few silver dimes thus far.

Hoping to get back out and look some more. Love those sodas and milks. So far weve been blessed by mild weather and the ground is yet not frozen. Will take digital camera tomorrow and see if I can get some pictures.