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  1. Chuck Coslet

    Chuck Coslet Active Member

    Hello Gang! Well, my little word of mouth may pay off. After talking about this great hobby to a few people, I found out that one of my customers is a historian to my area. He has hooked me up with a gentleman to go metal detecting on his property. The property is a mountain and it had a beacon on it during the Revolutionary War. To his knowledge, it's never been metal detected and I have this "source" that has given me permission. We are going there either this Saturday or next. Anyone ever experience this please let me know what to expect for this experience. I'm very excited and hopefully i'll find some coins and/or musket balls. Thank you for any input, you guys are great!
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  2. Orosurf

    Orosurf Well-Known Member

    Take your pick, as in pick axe. Mountains are usually hard ground. You will find it hard to dig with normal tools such as you might use in the park. Sounds like you made a very useful acquaintance.
    Best of luck.:)
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  3. HungryGhost

    HungryGhost Well-Known Member

    Expect to find a lot of shotgun shells and bullet casings. Anything else is a bonus! Good luck and keep us posted.
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  4. against the wind

    against the wind Well-Known Member

    Look for signs of campsites. Fire rings, tree stands used by hunters,, any clearings that may have trees that are obviously younger than the bigger trees. (This have been cleared for farming at one time). The summit may have an area that was a lookout post. Usually around a large boulder that provide shelter from the wind. Just keep your eyed peeled for anything that was constructed by human occupants. Especially stone walls. Most importantly,,, have fun.:cool:
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    EBCIII Well-Known Member

    I would also look for areas of possible trees that might not be "native' to the area, or Hopefully" a rock wall built for defense? anything that looks out of place. I agree with Darren if you do not have a rock pick you may want to get one. Maybe something like this?

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  6. Mikey

    Mikey TQ's Underwater Pirate

    Awesome. ..enjoy. HH :)
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  7. KRose

    KRose Well-Known Member

    Chuck, Best of Luck to you. My heart was racing for you as I read about this great opportunity to hunt a place with some great potential. If you have a small coil, be sure to pack it along in the event you come across a rocky side face or an are that would normally be hard to hunt with a larger coil. Sometimes soldiers would take cover in the rocks using them for cover. You might be able to find where they were casting bullets, or other neat artifacts that could have been lost or dropped. Go Get em' and keep us posted on this hunt.
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  8. whitewill_1

    whitewill_1 Well-Known Member

    Expect to have a good time. Good luck on the hunt.
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  9. nick

    nick Active Member

    Study it and look for the easyest way up. But I have vertually no experience in the mountains. Just a random thought
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  10. fyrffytr1

    fyrffytr1 Well-Known Member

    Do you use headphones? Most good signals will likely be pretty deep due to the build-up from decayed vegetation. Headphones will help you pick up the faint signals from deeper objects.

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