What do I need to get started? Have a Garret Ace 150


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I’ve had a Garret Ace 150 for a few years. I’ve mostly used it to find lost arrows, metal in boards, and lost nuts and bolts. I did search the front yard of my 130 year old country house and found lots of pennies, nickels and dimes, dating back to the 19- teens.

I’d like to start detecting more, and would like to know what else I need to be more successful.

How much more would I need to spend for a detector that would make a real difference over the one I have? Do I need a pin pointer? 47F061EE-06B6-4780-9357-990270966AB6.jpeg C5EF0B2C-80B5-4F80-9141-7AD6C53CD435.jpeg


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Okawbow, Research, Research, and more Research on detectors. First figure out what type of detecting you would most like to do. Coin, jewelry, relic, or gold hunting. Then would you most likely be hunting on land, or both land and water. Would you like a detector that is best suited for any of the mentioned above, or an all around metal detector which could handle all of these. A lot of questions, but once you can answer these questions, it could greatly aide you and help to narrow down your search. Utube is a great tool to use in doing your research. There are videos on most all detectors made today and demonstrate how to set these up and use them. Don't be fooled into thinking that you have to spend mega bucks on a good detector. Sure, Mo money will get you more bells and whistles, but do you really need all the bells and whistles. I personally like to use a metal detector that is easy to set up and hunt. I don't like spending all my time trying to set a detector and fooling with boo coo programs. There are many nice and quality mid range price detectors on the market today. You will learn that being a successful hunter doesn't rely on how much money you spent on a detector, but experience and knowing your detector and knowing how to use it. You can take someone with a high end detector that doesn't know what he's doing and put him or her up against someone who is experienced and knows his entry level detector and the entry level detector will come out on top almost every time. In short, it's knowing what your detector is telling you. Again, there are many detectors from which to choose from. If I may also suggest, look at the warranties the companies carry, and also Customer Service which is a big plus. I wish you the Best of Luck in your search, and I hope this may have been of some little help in giving you some ideas in which to consider in choosing your detector. Also, let us know down the road on which detector you have chosen. I meant to add too, that you can ask questions here. There are many here on the forum with much experience and they may use the detector you are considering, so don't be afraid to ask questions.


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I would keep using that Ace 150 in your yard. As you learn more of what that machine is telling you you will find more and better finds and also be able to decide on what options you would like to see in your next machine, this would help you decide how much you want to spend on a machine and narrow down your choices.


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Some people do real well with the higher end detectors and some don't. I have never seen in print what I am about to say. I believe some of us are electronically challenged and we would never make the high end machines sing. A simpler machine works better for people like this. Others who are not electronically challenged do really well with the better machines. I really believe ones understanding of the electronics makes a difference as to how well they will do with any metal detector.

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I think KRose pretty much nailed it.
He gave you everything except the name of the manufacturer and the name of the machine. I will go our on a limb and recommend Garrett. They are there for you should any problems develop after your purchase. The AT PRO is quite impressive for a mid range priced machine. I used it on land and fresh water. It paid for itself many times over during the 2 years that I used it.
Good luck with your choice and welcome to TQ.