What is a good price for a Used Golden Umax..

I have one in my sights. I might be able to get it for $200-$230

Whats a fair price?

How old are these?

Or should I just buy a new Silver Umax



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That is a good price on the Golden. It is a very good unit, and does have tones. Tesoro is very good about covering their warranty even on the older units,

If you want to "hear" the difference in a low object IE Nickle and a High object IE Quarter this is the way to go, Beale.


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that is a very good price if it is in good condition. the Golden and the Cortes are the only Tesoros I know of that have multiple tones too.
It looks like it is an "older" version of the Gold Umax....Not quite like the picture on their website....It is in very good shape.

Does that matter or affect the value?
Hmmm...The only difference from sight is the speaker has small holes instead of lines...I couldn't tell you if it has tones or not...if i purchase this it will be mailed so I can't test it before hand...

Not sure the year it was made but...

It has Knobs for Threshold, Sensitivity, Discrimination, Notch Width and switches for Mode and Notch (wide or narrow)...

If I can get it for $230 im gonna jump on it i think..