What Sets Treasure Quest Apart

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Steve in PR

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TreasureQuest is a family-oriented website, a community of people who share a passion for finding objects of all classes and description.

We seek to promote understanding and knowledge of the use of metal detectors and treasure seeking in general and to preserve and protect the hobby.

TQ’s goal is to provide a forum that distinguishes itself from other MDing forums by providing a friendly, polite, respectful and positive experience. We concentrate on metal detecting and our member community.

We can honestly state that no other metal detecting forum on the web has shown the caring and selflessness you can see here. We are fond of considering ourselves as a family and our actions in this regard speak for themselves.

We especially wish to welcome people who are new to the hobby, who have questions and seek advice about how, when and where to hunt!

We have a Metal Detector Review area with candid reviews from TreasureQuest members as well as individual forums for the major brands and models of detectors.

We have a wide knowledge base of the basics of digital cameras and how to post pictures of your finds in our forums in the Digital Camera area. There are many opportunities to exhibit your pictures and compete for prizes!

Our Group Buy gives you the chance to win a gift certificate worth hundreds of dollars from one of our fantastic sponsors!

Our “Virtual Hunts” provide a real challenge for members who want to participate in a real brain-teasing adventure! We also offer other contests with great prizes.

Every member has the ability to post pictures of their finds and other appropriate interests on their Profile Page in a personal photo album.

We have a second forum dedicated to the Civil War for those who seek relics from that era.

We offer a metal detecting forum experience that you will not find anywhere else on the Internet.

Our new Fun and Games area is a great hit with the members and recives a LOT of activity thanks to the imagination of our members!

We encourage visitors to look around at what we have to offer and see if TQ is the kind of community that you have been looking for on the web.
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