What works in mineralized ground

I am going to Virginia in the spring for a hunt with some friends. They said the Explorer will not work there because of the mineralized ground. They said that the even if there was a target 3 0r 4 inches down that the ground is so mineralized that the Minelab will not pick up the target. There must be some settings that will enable me to hear targets in highly mineralized groung. CAN ANYONE HELP ME SHORT OF BUYING ANOTHER DETECTOR THAT WORKS IN THAT TYPE OF GROUND.



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Hey POCO I have hunted in VA with my X-Terra 70 and done very well. I wonder about those guys telling you that. Heck The area I live in in central NC has a high mineral content. I would think any machine with a manual GB will be fine.

I do not run an Explorer but am sure it will work. Good luck to you, Beale.
Hi poco,

I hunt some of nastiest,trashiest ground i can find in northern Delaware and actually search it out as that's about the only areas of our public detecting sites that still have the best potential of older finds. Trying to defense these areas is half the Fun.Here's a few things i've tried that seem to work.

Use a smaller coil, SunRay 8" or Excelerator 6", i'm beginning to use the 8" concentric and like it too. There are many other smaller coils but these are just my choices so far.

Would try opening up the iron disc to accept itty bits and switch to ferrous tones.Don't overpower the detector and try different sensitivity settings. If you get a highertone in one sweep direction, proceed at a 90% sweep angle on second sweep and if it ain't iron lowtone (dig it) I rarely dig hightones with cursor at lower right corner as it's mostly JUNK.

Use the noise cancel button a lot in bad hunting environments as it seems to help settle the Explorer down.

Bout it for now and not sure it will work in Virginia but seems to works at my crappy areas. Good luck.


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I think any machine will be noisy in highly mineralised ground, the Explorer II will run just fine you will just need to turn back the Sensitivity a bit.