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It's a Story

The TINMAN from the Wizard of Oz of course Tho I did have a member PM me about it as her husbands E-Mail name is the Tinman because he is a Sheetmetal man ( TinNocker ) There is a story behind it so bare with me as There may come a day ( I hope it never does ) that I may have to change my user name. There were 9 of us kids in our family and myself and 2 of my younger brothers and one of my younger sisters were always very close. Our Favorite movie was The Wizard of Oz and so the 4 of us all took a characters name myself being The TINMAN. As we got older we remained very close to eachother and when we could get together and the movie was on we would watch and play our roles out. At one point I had a Gold coin made and cut into quarters with each quarter having the appropriate name on it. Each of us took ours and we made a pact to always keep them and if something should happen to one of us then the eldest would get there quarter and so on till the last one had all 4 pieces back together. The remaining sibling would take it to our secret place we
would go to. Our Emerald City was a Electric Generating building for Edison Electric that was at the end our street. We would play in the lot attached to it trying to see the Wizard. The coin is to be buried in that lot wich as of last year was still there, still pretty much as it was when we were kids. My younger sister ( Dorothy ) and one of my younger brothers ( The Cowardly Lion ) have already gone back over the rainbow.I now hold 3 of the 4 pieces. My other youger brother now 52 had a heart attack last year but is doing fine and I hope it stays that way. It is one thing I have never wanted to be, the holder of that gold coin in it's entirety again. If by some Sad Circumstance the Scarecrow should go to meet the others before me, I will take that coin, put it in a speacial container I hold and make a trip back to our old neighbor hood and bury it very deeply near Emerald City. Once that is done, sadly the journey to Oz will be over and I will relenquish the title of The TINMAN. Tho I do not wish my brother to have to have this task to do, It is my greatest hope that I would not have to see the younger all leave before me. Sorry this got so long and I truly hope that the members here will always know me as The TINMAN and by no other user name.

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Nice Story,….. Thanks for sharing. I never had any brothers or sister, always wanted them but my parents said they wouldn't take a million dollars for me, but they wouldn't give ten cents for a dozen more just like me… I think they were kidding...:)


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I was curious about all the folks on the forum here. I see a screen name and its kind of like those personalized license plates; they’re kind of hard to figure out. If you care to share, what does your name stand for?

I'll go first. When I first started MD'ing, I used to do residential yards and I would accumulate an average of fifty-two cents every yard; Hence, Fiftytwo pennies.
I have always been a big coffee drinker. So, Cup a Joe ended up as cupajo….:)


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Mine is because ... well, I'm a professional photographer. Yes, captain obvious that I am couldn't come up with anything cooler than that. LOL

I've been reading back through the posts, not done yet, but it's great to "meet" the person behind the handle!
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