Whats it!


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Ok! Gold Panning , I find Corundum's almost every time I go to this place.

Most are small and have been rounded off.

Today I found a Weird one. Some Kinda Four ended Crystal.

This thing is heavy as heck.

It just covers a U.S. Quarter if placed on top.



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I didn't realize what this was OR the fact that its the second hardest mineral know to science...pretty cool that you find it there...



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Cool find Jim.Is it corundum or something else ?.....seems that I've seen crystals like it somewere but cant remember were.


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Hardness of 7 will scratch glass.

Color is more of a Purple then brown.

Metallic luster sorta Glass like not Dull as Staurolite.

Streaks White as Staurolite.

What else could it be?

Crystals are Hex not diamond like Staurolite?



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Very cool and unique, I learn something new on here all the time! Just curious, I don't know how heave heck is :biggrin:, but roughly how heavy is it compared to an equal size piece of gold or lead for example?


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In this Case if falls just under 12 grams!

Close to the same as four copper pennies in your hand.

Copper Pennies are 3.1 grams! :icon_cool