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Ok here is my plan. I was thinking about running my DFX in 15khz only non normalized mode, accepting everything down to +0. To spread the VDI scale out in the gold range. Hopefully being able to discriminate out foil and pull tabs from gold. I want to find gold but I don't want to dig every pull tab and piece of foil. I know, I know ya gotta dig it all to find gold. I just think if I could better discriminate out junk in 15khz non normalized, I could spend less time digging crap and more time digging valuables. After all there is only so much time to spend hunting.
Or would I be better off just running in a 2 freq program and digging it all.
Again I realize that with my first plan I could miss out on some gold. And that the only way to be sure is to dig it all. Just trying to spend my hunting time wisely.


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I say keep the disc low and dig it all. I have air tested alot of mine and my wifes gold jewelry and most of the smaller rings read as junk. you will definately dig less junk with the disc set higher but you will never know how many rings you left in the ground for the next guy. just my opinion.
Digging Pull Tabs

Toehead, I hate to say it. But you have to dig the foil and pull tabs if you want to recover the rings. Just isn't any way around it. When you are pressed for time try this. Set yourself a limit as to how many pull tabs you care to dig up. Try to dig 25 of them and then go cherry picking. Keep in mind as you remove the 25 tabs each time you go out. Your site is getting that much cleaner and you will began to find that the good targets will come easier. Less trash = less masking.
Keep it fun, it's a hobby!


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DFX gold methods

Hi Toehead,

I can't recommend Clive J. Clynic's book DFX gold methods too highly.
It will really open your eyes with the methods Clive outlines on how to use your DFX specifically to hunt for gold. He also has a book called DFX beginner to expert which is well worth reading as well. Jeff Foster's book is great on the technology side of the DFX but for advise on how to hunt the DFX Clives books are tops.




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I've always been told that "If you aren't finding pull tabs and nickles you aren't finding the gold"
I have found this to be very true
Just saying